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Baseball & Softball Programs for January 2015

Here are some new Baseball and Softball programs for January

You will find the details for each program in the flyers here:

Baseball Hitting Lab - January
          Starts Jan 5th

Softball Hitting Lab - January
           Starts Jan 6th

BB Strength & Conditioning Lab
          Starts Jan 8th

SB Strength & Conditioning Lab
           Starts Jan 7th

Pitching & Catching Lab
          Starts Jan 8th

UMAINE & Edge Academy SB Clinic
           On Jan 03, 2015
Futures Hitting League
          Starts Jan 6th

Special: Lab Intensive (video analysis) Special: Lab Intensive (video analysis)

UMAINE Softball Clinic ~ January 3rd

Diamond Performance Softball Clinic hosted by The Edge Academy

The Edge Academy is proud to announce a special one day clinic with University of Maine Orono Softball Coaches Lynn Coutts & Mike Coutts.

January 3rd, 2015          Learn More

M.V.P. Hitting program with Ryan Copp

Become a complete hitter with the Mechanics, Vision, & Power (M.V.P.) Hitting Program. 

•  M.V.P. hitters are proven to develop better swings, faster reactions, and more power at the plate.
•  The M.V.P. training program uses years of high level development and the latest in training aids to get the most out of each player.
•  This 12 week program encompasses EVERYTHING that top players and coaches use for elite hitter development.
•  For baseball and softball players of all ages.

                                                                                                                                Learn More

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January 9th, 2015

Baseball College
Exposure Camp

January 9th, 2015
Hosted by
The Edge Academy

Learn More

Blueprint to College

Baseball & Softball
Recruiting Service

  • Pro-Edited Evaluation Video
       to feature:  hitting, fielding,
         running,  throwing &  agility

  • Written Evaluation
  • Online Player Profile

               Learn More


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